What You Can Do To Protect Yourself Against HIV

Posted on: 22 February 2022

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It is a virus that can live within the body and is spread through bodily fluids such as semen, vaginal fluids, or blood. There are a number of ways to prevent the spread of HIV and to protect yourself against getting HIV. Read on for some information about HIV and what can be done to protect yourself. Abstain From Sex Abstaining from sex and only having monogamous sex with one partner, can help prevent the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
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Hot Flashes Make You Want To Jump Into A Frozen Pond? Try Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Posted on: 20 January 2022

Hot flashes and night sweats are several of the most common symptoms of perimenopause. The sudden feeling of heat all over your body is enough to make you want to jump into a frozen pond. Of course, you won't do that, but you may peel off a layer or two of clothing, splash cool water on yourself, and frantically fan your face until the hot flash subsides. For many, anxiety and rapid, irregular heartbeats accompany the hot flashes, which can make them even more difficult — and quite scary — to deal with.
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Menopause Symptoms? How Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help

Posted on: 13 December 2021

As your body starts to undergo the menopause process, it can lead to some uncomfortable, difficult, and embarrassing symptoms. Everything from mood swings and aggression to hot flashes and insomnia can plague women who are approaching menopause. These symptoms result from the hormone changes that your body experiences during the process. Here's a look at a few of the things that you should understand about how hormone replacement therapy can help.
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How To Know If A COVID-19 Test Is Needed

Posted on: 15 November 2021

If you're finding yourself in bed, exhausted, feeling like you just got ran over by a truck, you may be worried that you have COVID-19. The only way to know for sure is to get tested. There are several places that offer COVID-19 testing. Should you take the test or just wait it out and see if you feel better by morning? These are important questions to consider. Read more to find out if you should take a test or not.
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