Potential Ways That You Can End Up With Sacrum Pain

Posted on: 6 October 2017


When people think of back pain, they often think of discomfort in the lower back, or perhaps even the middle or upper back. The area that they may overlook, however, is the sacrum, or tailbone. Located below your lower back, it's possible to end up with pain in this part of your body — and it can be highly uncomfortable, given that it feels deep. Sacrum pain can make it difficult to sleep, and you may even feel discomfort when you're walking or sitting. It's possible to end up with sacrum pain for a wide range of reasons, including the following:


One of the worst kinds of falls that you can experience is falling and landing hard on your tailbone. The result will often be sacrum pain, and the impact may be enough to knock your spine out of alignment, too. Sometimes, you may end up with a bruise around your sacrum, but even without a bruise, you can still be in considerable discomfort. If you're walking on ice and you slip, you can often notice your feet come right out from under you so that your backside is the first point of contact with the ground. This is the type of fall that often results in sacrum pain.


Extensive slouching when you sit can also result in sacrum pain. When you're sitting, you should be resting on the muscles of your backside. However, if you slouch — generally, by sliding your backside forward in your chair — you'll be putting more pressure than you should on your tailbone. Slouching for a few minutes here and there might not leave you in discomfort, but long stretches of sitting this way can lead to sacrum pain. And, because your spine is often at an unnatural angle when you're slouching, you may notice pain elsewhere in your back.

Sitting On Hard Surfaces

Sitting on hard surfaces also has the potential to cause sacrum pain. This can especially be the case if you have a tiny backside, as there's less cushioning to form a barrier between your tailbone and the hard surface. For example, if you have a child in sports and you spend several hours a week sitting on hard aluminum bleachers, you could end up with sacrum pain. If you notice sacrum pain or any type of back pain, be sure to schedule an assessment at a chiropractic clinic in the near future. 

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