Pregnancy Skin Care Products: Why Do You Need Help With Your Skin?

Posted on: 19 September 2017


Pregnancy opens up the door for a host of new skin issues. With a roller coaster-like flow of hormones causing all kinds of changes, pregnancy skin care products are often a necessity. From a new onset of acne to noticeable stretch marks, your skin needs extra help during those three trimesters.

Even though you know that you need some sort of new skin regimen, you may feel confused when it comes to picking the "right" and safe products. Don't stress. The overload of information out there can make you doubt everything you know — or everything you think you know. Understanding what products to use, which opens are safe and which ones to avoid is absolutely essential during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor, asking which products are safe for your specific situation.

So what causes skin issues during pregnancy? Take a look at some of the major culprits:

Hormonal Shift

Your estrogen level changes during pregnancy. It plays a role in fetal development and is necessary for a normal pregnancy to take place. Your estrogen levels will rise during the first trimester. This is typically when they are the highest.

You may notice that you suddenly have a bought of acne during the first trimester. As the amount of estrogen increases, it's possible that the acne will also increase. Estrogen is also a factor in skin pigment changes. Increased levels of this hormone can cause darkening or discoloration.

Elastic Tissue Changes

The supportive tissue under your skin changes during pregnancy. As your body rapidly grows, the expanding tissue may result in stretch marks. These red, pink or darkened streaks are typically found in the greatest 'stretch' areas. This includes your breasts, belly, buttocks, hips, and thighs.

Stretch marks may fade after pregnancy, but some never completely disappear. Keeping the areas hydrated is one way to minimize the risk of long-lasting effects.

Dry or Itchy Skin

Your skin is stretching. It's probably stretching more than you could have imagined, along with stretch marks, the tightening of your skin around your baby bump (and other areas) may cause itchiness. A moisturizer can't help with the stretch, but it can help to minimize dryness as it makes you feel more comfortable.

Keep in mind, skin issues during pregnancy are completely normal. These changes happen to plenty of pregnant women and typically aren't anything that should cause major concern. Again, talk to the doctor if you have questions or are anxious about what's going on with your skin. Contact a company like Amareta for more information and assistance.