Promoting Your Health Through Proper Awareness - Signs You Should See A Hand Surgeon

Posted on: 26 May 2017


Some of the most difficult health struggles that many people go through involve sudden incidents that leave them struggling with basic functions. Hand injuries can represent some of the most pressing challenges of that group, given the absolutely central role that having full control over your hands plays in most people's daily lives. 

The best way to avoid those problems is to stay vigilant for warning signs that a serious problem is developing. Below, you'll find a guide to some of those warnings that should induce you to seek out the expertise of a hand surgeon, guaranteeing that you don't put off vital treatment that might change your life. 

Decreased Grip Strength

One of the most reliable measures of good hand health is grip strength. Even as your physical fitness goes through cycles, most of those exercise don't affect muscle groups which have a measurable impact on your grip power, leaving it fairly consistent throughout your life.

If that strength starts to wane, it may be a sign of a structural problem in your hand that could require surgical intervention. Often times, grip weakness can be corrected surgically by reconstructing damaged tendons and treating other sources of inflammation, but if you allow it continue unchecked, it may deteriorate until it can't be recovered.

Persistent Inflammation

Since most people's hands play such a central role in their lives, it's natural for them to absorb small injuries from time to time. Inflammation and swelling are natural bodily responses to minor injuries, so they may not be immediate warning signs of structural damage. If they don't dissipate, however, there may be underlying issues.

Differentiating between arthritis and other kinds of hand injuries can be difficult for many people, especially since inflammation is a common symptom of both. This is why it's vitally important to seek out the expertise of a hand surgeon in these cases, since their professional opinion can source problems below swelling and allow for imaging when necessary. 

Repeated Hangnails

You may not consider surgery as a treatment for hangnails, but if you get them on a regular basis, there may be a structural problem with your nail beds that requires correction. Hangnails can also be a source of dangerous infections that can actually threaten your health more broadly, so a hand surgeon might be necessary to make sure all traces of that infection are eradicated, thus preventing the risk of it entering your bloodstream.

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