Four Reasons To Go To Your Chiropractor After Even A Minor Car Accident

Posted on: 20 September 2016


It happens to everyone: a minor fender bender occurs, you exchange insurance information with the other person, and then you both drive away with minimal damage to your cars and no injuries (or so you think). You may not stop after this type of incident and think about actually going to your doctor or chiropractor for a checkup. After all, you feel fine, right? But there are still many reasons why you should make an appointment with a healthcare professional after this type of incident. Here are four reasons you should consider going to your chiropractor after even just a small car accident.

1. You may not realize you're injured

Even if you don't feel like the accident affected you, it's still possible that your neck or head could have suffered an injury. For example, being in a car that stops suddenly can cause a concussion even if you don't hit your head on anything and don't think you've been injured. And even if you don't sustain a sneaky injury like a concussion, the jolt that you get from the sudden stop could potentially pull your spine out of alignment.

2. Effects of the accident may compound over time

If you don't think you need medical attention because you just have a slightly sore neck or some other minor symptom, you don't realize how much that can affect your everyday life. A whiplash injury can worsen over time and affect many other parts of your body. It could damage the nerves leading to your hands, causing pain and tingling or loss of feeling. Whiplash injuries can even lead to severe injuries such as a herniated disc. And although many cases of whiplash resolve over time, others may continue to worsen if you don't get treatment.

3. An adjustment can help decrease your stress levels

Even if you don't suffer whiplash during the accident, it's a traumatic experience that can cause muscles to tighten and lock, increasing stress-related soreness and making stress-related injuries more likely. A chiropractic adjustment can help counter these effects; your chiropractor can help you relax, make sure everything is adjusted correctly, and give you advice on how to avoid incurring injuries from increased strain.

These three reasons show why you should always make an appointment with your chiropractor after a minor car accident that doesn't leave you with obvious injuries. Whether you have mild symptoms of whiplash, don't realize yet that you're injured, or simply need help dealing with the added stress to your body, your chiropractor can help. Click here for more information.