Sleeping With A Dog: Is It Really Unhealthy?

Posted on: 31 August 2016


Dog parents frequently sleep with their beloved pets. Although this act is certainly better than sleeping with the fishes, it has critics who insist that it isn't healthy for a variety of reasons. If you have a dog or dogs, should you make them sleep in their own beds?


If you love your dog, sleeping with them can offer you a number of emotional benefits. If you are single, having a companion who will snuggle with you can make you feel loved. Dogs also benefit from the companionship. A species that will follow you into the bathroom does not like to be alone. Everyone stays warm and happy as well. Also, if something goes bump in the night, you can keep each other from being frightened. Plus, your canine companion can offer you a level of protection. If you are in a relationship, the dog can also offer a buffer when things are not going so well. Letting your pup have the center of the bed has its advantages. Plus, who else will lick your face even when you have a bad case of morning breath?


Those against dogs in the bed have some compelling reasons for their belief. After all, unless you bathe your pooch daily, a practice that is not recommended, they bring a few things to bed with them you may not want to consider. What they eat, lick, and walk through can be a little daunting. Also, if your pet gets a case of the fleas, everyone will share the bites. If you are allergic to these pests, you may end up making a trip to your doctor. You may also have interrupted sleep. If you are trying to rest with a partner that snores and twitches, you won't get the amount of shut-eye that you need to remain healthy, inviting a variety of medical issues. Also realize, once you let your pup into your bed, they are never going to happily sleep elsewhere again.


For many pet owners, the solution is obvious: buy a bigger mattress and wipe off your dog's paws every evening. Plus you probably shower in the morning anyway, so clinging dog hair isn't really an issue. Yes, you will suffer some inconvenience if your family bed includes your dog, but waking up to a loving companion every morning is pretty satisfying.

If dirt or allergies are your enemies, make your pets sleep in their own beds on even on the couch. Otherwise, feel free to sleep with your dog if you can get enough healthy sleep that way. For more information on the potential health risks of letting your dog in your bed, contact a clinic like Hightstown Medical Associates.