Guaranteeing Patient Care And Providing Appropriate Services - Steps To Take When Installing A Refurbished C-Arm

Posted on: 13 January 2016


Keeping your medical office up to date with the latest and greatest equipment that guarantees your ability to offer the highest level of care possible can be a difficult challenge. Thankfully, medical suppliers have made refurbished c-arms more available than ever before, allowing you to bring procedures in house that you may have previously had to outsource.

If you're installing your first c-arm in your office, however, it's important that you take the proper steps to prepare your facility. Purchasing a refurbished c-arm provides you with the opportunity to utilize equipment that you can be confident will always work in a certain way, and following the steps listed here will allow you to be fully prepared for that usage.

Room Size

A c-arm is a sizable piece of equipment, and the space you have available for containing it can be a real concern. Not only do you have to be sure you have full mobility around the device, but it's also necessary that you have space for a nurse or an assistant as well.

In order to guarantee full range of motion of the arm and easy accessibility, consult with your medical equipment supplier {like like Chicago C-Arms LLC.} to guarantee the c-arm you've purchased has previously been used in a space similar to that which you have. Take advantage of refurbished equipment by utilizing its practical experience.

Adequate Electrical Supply

One of the major advantages of purchasing a refurbished c-arm is that they typically not only utilize standard power outlets, but they also have been field tested, allowing you to anticipate the common power usage. However, it's still important that you take precautions to secure your power supply.

It's important that your c-arm is the only device utilizing a particular power outlet at any given time, as that will allow for maximum protection from surges and spikes. That will also guarantee that any issues can be sourced quickly, allowing you to provide for uninterrupted care.

Lead Shielding

Perhaps the most common usage of c-arm in an average medical office is for imaging. X-rays and other high intensity images are an important part of the diagnostic process and can be expedited by being done in house, but they also require proper protection. Considering having lead shielding installed in the walls of any room where you're placing a c-arm designed to take x-rays. It's especially important that this is done if one of the walls is adjacent to a waiting room, protecting unaware patients who are merely sitting and standing by.