• How Vision Rehab Helps Those Who Suffer From Concussions In A Car Accident

    Car accidents almost always cause injuries. For example, concussions may trigger brain injuries that could cause issues with vision in many people. When this happens, a person may suffer to live their life to its fullest and struggle to handle day-to-day tasks. Thankfully, treatment options are available for those in this often troubling situation. Serious Brain Injuries May Trigger Vision Troubles Concussions and other types of brain injuries are not an uncommon problem after a severe car accident.
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  • Could Your Lingering Cold Actually Be Seasonal Allergies?

    Do you have a cold that seems to be dragging on and on? It might be a cold as you've assumed — but it might not be. People often mistake seasonal allergies for the common cold; you would not be the first! So how can you tell the difference? Work your way through the questions below. Have you had any aches and pains? Think back to when your assumed cold began.
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