The Benefits Of Having A Professional Give Your Older Loved One Their Injections

Posted on: 28 November 2020


Do you have an older family member or loved one who needs regular injections of medication to manage a medical condition? Maybe their doctor has taught them to give themselves the injections, but you're a little concerned about their ability to do this regularly and safely. There are home care services that will send someone out just to give your loved on their injections on a daily or weekly basis, or as otherwise needed. Here are a few benefits of hiring such a service.

1. You know the medications will be given on the right schedule.

Your loved one might intend to always take their injected medication on time, but if they are beginning to suffer from early dementia — or even just memory loss as a result of an underlying medical condition — there might be times when injecting themselves late, forget to inject at all, or even accidentally administer their injections twice. This can lead to side effects that may confuse doctors if your loved one simply insists they're injecting the medication as directed.

When you have a service come give your loved one their injections, you know it is being done on schedule, which can make it easier to discern which health changes are side effects and which ones are real medical concerns.

2. You don't have to worry about infection at the injection site.

Older adults tend to get a little lax with sanitation protocols with injections over time. It's only natural when you do something over and over again. They may not always use an alcohol pad to clean their skin, or they might re-use a syringe without realizing how dangerous this is. These practices can lead to infections, which can be serious or even deadly. An injection service will use standard sanitation protocols to prevent infections at the injection site.

3. You don't have to question your loved ones or wonder how honest they are being.

Constantly having to ask your loved one if they are using their medication if they're injecting safely, and so forth can become a drag on your relationship sometimes. If you have a service injecting your loved ones' meds, then you don't have to have these conversations. You can instead focus on the more positive aspects of your relationship and enjoying each other's company.

The benefits above are real! Contact home injection services for your loved one so that both of you can have greater peace and confidence.