About Possible Hearing Loss And Your Child

Posted on: 31 July 2019


Hearing loss isn't something reserved for the elderly. There are a lot of reasons why a little one, or even an older child, can end up with hearing loss. You can learn about some of the things that can cause hearing issues in children, as well as signs that your child may have some hearing loss by reading below.

Some of the things that can cause hearing loss

Ear infections – Severe ear infections or numerous ear infections can lead to scarring in the inner ear. This can lead to what is called 'acquired hearing loss.' This is a type of hearing loss that happens after a person has been born and may have been caused by something such as illness or injury.

Measles – While many people aren't aware of the other types of illnesses that can lead to hearing loss, a good deal of people do know that measles is an illness that can affect one's hearing. Measles comes with many risks, and one of them is a high chance of getting severe ear infections.

Encephalitis – Encephalitis is a condition that can have several risk factors. This condition can have a lot of side effects, with one possible side effect being hearing defects that can lead to hearing loss.

Meningitis – Meningitis is another condition that can lead to someone experiencing hearing loss. This condition can be a fungal, viral, bacterial, or even parasitic infection. It is an infection in which the fluid and lining of the spinal column and the brain are affected. There is a significant risk of a person suffering some extent of hearing loss due to this illness.

Injury – An injury to the ear can also lead to hearing loss. There are many ways in which an ear can be injured. A few examples of them include a Q-Tip injuring the inner ear, another object injuring the ear, a very loud sound that causes injury, or water being forced into the ear with great pressure.

Signs your child may have some hearing loss

Some of the signs that can signify your child may have some hearing loss include not getting a response from your child unless they can see you, your child suddenly listening to the TV at a higher volume, your child scooting closer to the TV when you request they turn it down, your child's grades suddenly slipping, your child not reacting to sounds the way that a person normally would, your child talking louder than normal, and your child turning one ear closer toward you when listening to you.

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