Answering Common Questions For Potential Facelift Patients

Posted on: 14 April 2019


A facelift is one of the more common cosmetic procedures individuals undergo. Before a patient is able to make a decision about undergoing a facelift, they will need to be as informed as possible. Otherwise, they may not come to the right decision due to a lack of information or believing common misconceptions about facelift procedures.

What Type Of Issues Are Corrected With Facelifts?

Wrinkles are easily the most noticeable effect of aging for most people. Wrinkling can be particularly severe and noticeable on the face. This can make individuals extremely self-conscious of their appearance. However, a facelift is able to dramatically reduce the effects of wrinkling. During this procedure, a small portion of skin is removed from along the scalp line. This will allow for the skin to be pulled tighter so that wrinkles are removed.

How Can You Know What To Expect From Your Facelift?

As with other types of cosmetic procedures, there can be significant variation in the results that patients can experience. Luckily, an experienced cosmetic surgery provider will be able to help patients understand the type of results that they can expect from undergoing a facelift procedure. As part of this consultation, some cosmetic surgery providers can use computer modeling to help patients better understand the changes that they can expect. The results will also depend on the particular surgery provider in question. For this reason, patients should schedule consultations with multiple cosmetic surgery providers. Furthermore, you may find reviewing the portfolio of the cosmetic surgery provider useful for giving you an idea of their expertise. By comparing these expected results, you will be able to find a surgery provider that you are comfortable and confident using.

Will Recovering From The Facelift Be Difficult?

It is important for patients to be prepared for their recovery period. As with other surgery procedures, individuals will need to make sure that they closely follow the instructions of their doctor to avoid the risk of infection or other problems. This can be particularly important for cosmetic procedures as complications can lead to scarring or other issues that may impact the results. Luckily, recovering from a facelift is not as intensive as most patients may assume at first. Generally, patients will find that they should largely recover from this procedure within a week or two. During the early parts of the recovery, swelling and bruising can be expected, but over-the-counter pain medications should be sufficient for addressing the discomfort.