Meeting With A Drug Addiction Counselor: Work On Recovery Skills With Someone You Can Trust Talking To

Posted on: 14 January 2019


If you are working on recovering from a drug addiction, you should be proud of yourself for going through the detox stages and taking the necessary steps to make positive changes in life. As you focus on making certain improvements and avoiding a relapse, you can benefit from meeting with a drug addiction counselor. A drug addiction counselor is a caring, understanding, and compassionate professional who wants to meet with you to help you fight urges, stay on the right path, and keep that optimistic mindset.

Setting New Goals For Yourself

Even if you already went to rehab and have stopped using the drugs, there are always new goals for you to set for yourself because then you will have something to look forward to accomplishing in the future. While speaking with the drug addiction counselor, you can go over some of the different things you would like to accomplish over the next few months or years, such as finishing school, attending a trade school to earn a certification, finding a good job, and taking on a new hobby that will keep you busy and help you take control of your stress.

Learning New Recovery Skills

Being drug-free is a wonderful accomplishment, but there are days that may be rough for you. Recovery is not always the easiest journey, but it is a journey that is going to drastically improve your life while giving you that fresh start you truly need. Choosing to meet with a drug addiction counselor regularly is a fantastic way for you to work on learning new recovery skills, including how to avoid the temptation, how to cope with different types of stress in your life, and how to keep your mind on positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts that will only put you in a dark place. If you want to have someone to talk to about everything you are feeling without being judged, a drug addiction counselor will be there for you.

Beating an addiction to drugs is such a huge accomplishment and you deserve to feel proud of yourself for putting a stop to your drug usage. Now that you are in recovery, the goal is to avoid a relapse, stay healthy, and find new ways to cope with every situation in your life. You can benefit from seeing a drug addiction counselor, like Sharon O'Connell, MA, because you will get to talk to the counselor about everything that is going on while setting some new goals for yourself and learning new recovery skills.