Things To Know About Birth Control

Posted on: 25 June 2018


Being in a committed relationship sometimes leads to couples being less careful when it comes to having protected sexual intercourse. A committed relationship doesn't necessarily mean that a couple is ready to have children, but sometimes pregnancy occurs unexpectedly if birth control isn't always used. If you and your partner just had a child that was conceived unexpectedly and want to prevent the situation from happening again, it is important to consider birth control. There are numerous birth control methods that can be used, so it is wise to speak to a health professional to figure out the most ideal type for your relationship. Learn more about birth control by browsing through the content below.

Keep a Supply of Condoms Handy

Condoms are the most common type of birth control that couples use to prevent pregnancy. The reason why is because condoms can easily be purchased without the need for a prescription. Condoms are also ideal if other types of birth control methods have proven to cause bad side effects. If you and your partner already have a supply of condoms but sometimes fail to use them, it is wise to consider other birth control methods. For instance, consider using a method that does require placement right before intercourse takes place.

Regularly Take Birth Control Pills

If you are the woman in the relationship, birth control pills are a great option to consider for pregnancy prevention. You will have to get examined by a health professional before birth control pills can be prescribed. The perk of taking the pills is that you will take them on a schedule that does not have to be done immediately before having sexual intercourse with your partner. There are various types of birth control pills, but many of them must be taken on a daily basis. If you don't think you can stay on schedule, consider a different method of birth control.

Choose Long-Term Birth Control

Long-term birth control methods are ideal if remembering to use condoms or take pills is difficult. A birth control shot is a great long-term method for preventing pregnancy, such as if you are a woman. Basically, once you receive the shot, it can prevent pregnancy for several months before another shot is necessary. Keep in mind that birth control shot are not 100 percent effective, but they almost are. Speak to a health professional about the possible side effects before receiving a birth control shot.

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