3 Ways Laser Surgery Is Used Everyday

Posted on: 8 September 2015


Laser surgery is a very common procedure. In the past years people have perfected the art of laser surgery so that it can be used for a variety of different procedures. Here are a couple things you might not have known that laser surgery could do.

1. LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery

One of the most commonly known laser surgeries is for the eye. In this type of surgery the doctor will take a tiny laser and shave off layers of the person's cornea. By doing so they can correct vision problems.

The surgery is incredibly simple. The person only need to have a local anesthesia on the eye to numb it and then a contraption will hold open the eye lid while the laser does the cutting. The whole procedure can be done in a matter of minutes and because the laser is so precise and clean, the healing is also very minimal. It has been determined that using a laser for this type of surgery is by far the most effective and safest way to operate on an individuals cornea.

2. Cosmetic Laser Surgery

Another type of surgery that is commonly done with a laser is cosmetic surgery. In this case a plastic surgeon will use lasers to help shape a person's body. They can help to shave off areas with fat, excess deposits of skin and much more.

In order to get laser sculpting you have to be a candidate. You must meet certain requirements, like have enough fat to lose so that it is not unhealthy or dangerous. However, it is generally not used as a massive weight loss surgery. Instead, it used to help sculpt the body rather than help a person lose weight. This is why it is so important to talk to a licensed plastic surgeon before planning for cosmetic laser surgery.

3. Laser Hair Removal and Surgery

Another commonly used procedure is to laser hair removal. Unlike the other procedures mentioned, this one takes a laser and goes over the skin and kills certain hair follicles instead of actually shaving off parts of the body. The laser is programmed where it targets the pigment in the hair and skips over the skin. Overtime and with a couple treatments it can actually kill the hair follicles so much, that hair can no longer grow.

These are just a couple different ways that laser surgery is used. If you are interested in getting laser surgery talk to your doctor about your options. 

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